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About the Book

Go Preemies! was written for preemies of all ages as a fun, inspirational and educational guide that highlights the world-changing accomplishments that preemies have achieved, and can achieve, despite the challenges of their preterm birth. Written and illustrated by two adult preemies - and lifelong friends - the book is a perfect gift for families with new preemies, NICU graduates of all ages and as a library book at your NICU or Ronald McDonald House:

A portion of book proceeds support book donations to NICUs and families in need.

Go Preemies! is published by Millman Group LLC, an independent publisher based in Cleveland, Ohio. The book was written and designed in the USA and is printed in Canada.ISBN: 978-0-9914961-8-1. © 2014.

About the Author

AP Male was a preemie like you! He was born three months and one week premature on February 14, 1977 in Cleveland, Ohio. He was cared for at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, where he has continued to be a study participant, volunteer, spokesperson and donor. Andy is a graduate of Northwestern, Harvard and Case Western universities and has had professional careers in consulting and banking. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Maggie and his children, Max and Madeleine.

About the Illustrator

Jamie Rockwell was a preemie like you! Born six weeks premature on February 9, 1978, he met Andy Male in Mrs. Brush's second grade class at Chagrin Falls Elementary School. He started his art career as a 15-year-old caricature artist at Geauga Lake Park in Northeast Ohio and holds a Fine Arts degree from Miami University. In addition to working in print and digital design, Jamie has had illustrations published in books, magazines and in the Cincinnati Enquirer. He lives in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with his wife Lisa and son Henry.

Meet the Preemies

Being born a preemie isn't easy, but we've got some of the most famous figures in history to look up to. Go Preemies! tells the inspirational stories of the most accomplished leaders, scientists, athletes and artists, who were all born prematurely, like you!

Winston Churchill
Courageous WWII Leader Greatest Modern Orator
Charles Darwin
Developer of the Theory of Evolution
Albert Einstein
Father of Modern Physics “The Person of the 21st Century”
Isaac Newton
Most Influential Scientist in History
Anna Pavlova
Finest Classical Ballerina in History
Pablo Picasso
Influential Painter, Sculptor and Poet
Sidney Poitier
Groundbreaking Actor and Humanitarian
Wilma Rudolph
Fastest Woman in the World Olympic Champion
Mark Twain
Father of American Literature
Stevie Wonder
World-Famous Singer, Songwriter and Musician